7 Sep 2011, 4:03pm

It’s Been A While…

If anyone is still watching this blog then I must apologise for the sudden lack of posts a few weeks/months ago.

Contrary to popular opinion I’m not dead despite all of the emails asking me if I am (how was I supposed to answer those if I were dead?)

The boring answer is a mixture of Jury Service, being transferred to a new company (5 times in 10 years now!), holiday (Anglesey, thanks for asking – it was surprisingly brilliant), the site being f**ked up by my hosting company,  illness (root canal work), lots and lots of work which left me too exhausted to think about posting things and no time to research posts and to be honest a complete lack of incentive – I’ve been doing this site for over 10 year now and have made over 10,000 posts.  I’ve loved doing this site and really appreciate the help I’ve had from our posters (Carloz, Al, Doug et al) and from our readers (particular thanks to ted, Imran, Kim Kinslow, Channon, Our kid and Dan P for their regular suggestions – I read and love them all but I’m awful about replying to mails!).

I’m not quite sure what to do now – I don’t want to stop and I don’t have the time at the moment to do much on it myself.  I’m open to suggestions and would consider opening up the posting abilities to anyone who fancies posting themselves  but in the meantime I’m taking a break after 10 long years of posting the best of the internet for your delectation.  If any of you remember what the internet was like 10 years ago you’ll know how hard it was to find good content!  Thank you for reading this far – we might be back, who knows….

7 Sep 2011, 5:17pm
by Al Napp (@alnapp)

Ding dong the Grom’s not dead



“Contrary to popular opinion I’m not dead” – i thought i rude to ask….

“Jury Service” – i’ve just been collared for that too, big brother is on to us…

still here, glad you are too…

if you do want to extend the posting rights I’m in [though i'd probably drag the quality down some.]

Puny human; we should have made an algorithm of you long ago… I was actually going to suggest a post on our forthcoming game “2.8 Hours Later” (http://lsx.co/2.8hourslater) but I’m not going to now. Bastard.

23 Sep 2011, 7:54am
by Kim Kinslow

Do whatcha gotta do & thx for the snaps. I’ve always enjoyed your blog and cant remember just how it was that I found u in the first place. I’ll keep checkin back in for a bit to see where you wind up. You can always visit me on FB where I post my fav finds (amongst other crap), http://facebook.com/kim.kinslow
Sincerely, K

Dude – are you currently in Australia!!!??

I swore I saw you earlier today I nearly crashed the car – it’s why I made it over to your site – you are still alive – wow. If your not currently in Sydney then I clocked your double, have you got a brother in Sydney – lol

Cheers man, Tony



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